Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Know What Woman wants.

Inspired by with a special video tagged on a fine Saturday morning.

I got to share this video out to everybody because Brian Scoot McFadden really knows what does a woman want. He knows how they are thinking and know what they really looking for in a husband or boyfriend.

That is why you will never understand a girl because almost everything they want in a man are contradiction . Anyway it's just a joke! and don't keep it in heart.

So as i was told, it is school holiday again for those that are still under 18. Too bad you guys only had 2 weeks and i had 5 months of holiday until my semester start again. HAHA. ;p

Anyway, currently i just work for a friend of mine on Commercial photoshooting on Zara Boutique Hotel newly open in KK at the Habor City shopping mall. Hopefully i can share you guys some of the shoot that i had when everything settle down.

Another upcoming post will be on the newly German Bread & Pizza at Damai, Kota Kinabalu. I was there with wenpink *another blogger to do food review on the foods.

Besides having my head bursting on thinking on what woman really wants. I had another huge question wondering in my mind on what does my friend want. For the first time in my life, i was being told that the status that i am posting out in my own facebook wall is my own business and i was being question why do i need to post it up.

What humor me the most was i post motivation status like ; I train my mind and my body will follow. To the gym!

Which is very good for my friends that need motivation on exercise and all of the sudden i just got shoot down like that without any warning. 0.0
It's not even hear to Negative status, and i got ask to mind my own business and why always want to post it out.

So in order to avoid confusion, i would break down my status to you guys and my question on each of them.

I train my mind means your mind control your body and not your body control your mind. Too often we always listen to our body when we are tired. Eg, i am tired, my body is slightly aching.
So you got to have high disciplines.

Move on next, my body will follow means after you had your mind set for exercise your body will automatically follow. Just that easy.

Lastly, To the gym means i am going to gym la! what is so hard to understand about it.

People checkin into their foursquare and i write my status out with motivation quote. Isn't mine is better? and why am i restricted to post anything up into my facebook in the first place?

First: Since when facebook appointed a facebook officer to monitor my status. YOU GOT TO BE JOKING ME RIGHT? Oh wait, i heard they are going to appoint another blogger officer to monitor my post. OPS my bad! Man such a pain in the ass.

Second: are you my father? Just like in the movie Starwars where Dark Vader appear and say I am your father? If you are not then you should be clearly keep your comment and shove it up into your ass because it doesn't worth a single thing telling me to mind my own business.

Third: Which law in the history stated i can't post my status out?

Fourth: Who minds whose business first?

Fifth : Get a mirror and reflect yourself before stopping others from posting up status. You need to understand that facebook newsfeed is like a real life news channel where all sort of unwanted status or news or link or whatever you might not want to see to be posted up. Don't tell me if there is another guy posted up, sushi king salmon is nice, then you start all over again saying 'becareful it is radioactive bla.. bla.. bla..'

Conclusion, i wouldn't even bother to reply such comment because it just doesn't worth my time. I am posting this out to let you guys know. Please think twice before you comment on your friend status. If the status is good. put a thumbs up and if it is bad just ignore it because your friend didn't force you reading it.

Most importantly i had my great time at gym and i am really doing something in my life and i am enjoying it.


Man, talk about girls, i can't even understand what is in a guy's mind too. 

Well guys, the world is fill with complicated people.

Stay free and easy . Peace out.

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  1. nice one...i always get told like that and its kinda hurting....cnt they juz hide me from fb then..there is the button to hide...right?? hehe