Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Interview by Steffie Chan

It was just like any other day after watching Thor the movie at a GSC Cinema 1Borneo. Anyone that watched Thor will for sure be crazy about the main superhero character Thor.

I was one of them too. His body was way too perfect and i think any girls would fall in love with him. Even my girlfriend was screaming about him and adoring about his blue eye. -.- tsk Anyway, it was a meal of motivation serving for me and i got even more rev up to kick start my intensive gym training for 20 weeks continuously on this coming May until October.

Thor aka Chris Hemsworth

Having his 50% of body is what i want for now.

Nobody believe i will be able to achieve the desirable body that i have been dream of. Most of the comment that i got from friends are negative and demotivated as well.

Fear not, your negative comment shall serve as a motivation, a burning fuel, a source of power for my gym training.

Interview link is at Steffie's blog "How to be famous in One day? Exclusive interview with Hayden Chan"

Shes just a friend from my place and seriously got nothing to do but to fool around with interview of me and had it place in her blog.

Counting down 3 more days to freedom!

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