Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kasih Sayang | Boutique Health Resort & Spa

A month ago i labeled Alu - Alu Restaurant an hidden pearl of borneo. Today i label Kasih Sayang Resort as the hidden Beacon of Borneo because of the magnificent view over KK

Located among the hills of sabah's Crocker range, KASIH SAYANG is at 2400 feet above sea level with breath taking scenery let it be morning or night. With that altitude the temperature range around 20 Celsius and best of all the location is just 24 km away from Kota Kinabalu, which is roughly around 30 minutes drive.

I join my coursemate to venture up to Kasih Sayang

Nelly at the back

Crazy driver - ying

Not sure what is it but i think it's a church

This is for sure a church

Kasih Sayang after 30 minutes of drive

If you don't want to stay over night at Kasih Sayang you can still enjoy their view while dining in their Cloud 9 Restaurant. It's abit pricey on the food and it is almost the double of what you normally get on flatland. I guess it is how they earn from tourist.

The price range would be around Rm20 up to Rm50. Abit pricey but the night view is worth the price. You wouldn't be able to find something else like dining in Cloud 9 Restaurant. You can see the entire KK from cloud 9 but that evening the weather wasn't that nice so we left earlier. No fear, i will for sure be back to do a second review on their night scenery and dinner.

There are two ways up to Kasih Sayang but the route that they normally suggest is really hard for cars to drive because the road is very terrible. So here i specifically showing another alternate route with better roads up to Kasih Sayang.
Here is a map even a newbie can understand. *i hope

The yellow arrows shows the way to Kasih Sayang. Reminder the way up to Kasih Sayang is very stiff, driver might need some skills and use low gear driving method. You need to pass Mengatal Town area and make a junction turn when you see the Kasih Sayang signboard. Not U-turn but a junction turn to the right into the road up to Kasih Sayang.

Currently they had weekdays promotion only at RM119 except for public holiday and weekend. For more information just contact them at.

Resort phone 088 470 866
Resort mobile 016 - 8333856

I am doing a free advertisement here. It doesn't really bother me because it is my homeland after all.

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