Sunday, May 8, 2011

Malaysia First ever K-pop?!

I hope i was wrong and it was some kind of joke when i first saw the picture and caption of it on facebook. I was curious and did some research about this group named 24:7 and it turns out to be they are from Malaysia. Yes. Malaysia first ever wannabee K-pop group trend pioneer.

So as a part of loyal Malaysian Citizen i am pretty sure i have a word about this right? Don't worry guys, i watch American Idol and i learn very well from the best of the best Simon. My comment will be honest and straight and you guys need to take it fully to your heart. :)

Group name 24:7

Okay i have no idea what does 24:7 means but at least they are following up the trend like 2PM. Which make no sense at all, but it doesn't matter their group have tones of hunk and girls love them down to bites.

Now let's take a look at their poster and some of their members.

Warning the picture below might be disturbing
Please beware 


Ah yes. that's right. Our first own K-pop Group ever in Malaysia. Man my eye pop out instantly after seeing their picture. A bunch of half topless guy standing in front with thick eye liner. I thought our country entertainment was bad but i didn't know it was this horrible. 
I mean no disrespect but some of them does remind me of some of the drug addict you know. 

Oh lord.. oh sh*t. i couldn't even figure out what are they trying to do. They look like as if they are shoving something. Man i swear i didn't just let this image pass through my brain when i first saw the image. It was dreadful you know. How could you guys did it to me! My goodness.
I felt as if the world ending even faster. I wonder what are they really thinking doing such pose.

After seeing the last picture. Gawd,What in the name of lord is this?!
I now understand what is the definition of Gaylords means. I know tones of Korean popstar do love shape and making salute pose but please don't copy them. It will only make you guys look even gay.

I can't even breath and having a hyperventilation after looking at the last picture.

Dude! that is not even cool enough! Wake up guys! Don't go spoil your own image just because you want to catch up with the trend. KNOW YOUR PLACE and be yourself!

I don't really follow korean popstar but i roughly know some of them and they look perfectly fine without any doubt. I guess this is why some people are just at something and some don't. Imitation will only bring disaster.

Look at this Korean popstar 2PM. I definitely have no problem with them.

All hail Korean original k-pop forever.

Can you imagine? If they really sing Super Junior Song in Malay version?

Maaf maaf maaf maaaf.. jilat jilat jilat jilat macho macho macho. 

I can't even think about it. Only they can do it.

Shin Chan


  1. Maaf maaf maaf maaaf.. jilat jilat jilat jilat macho macho macho.

    WTF!! XD

    Seriously, why can't they be Malaysian pop instead of cetak rompak k-pop?

  2. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! They're like .... when compared to the real K-POP group.

  3. HAHHAHAA. thats how the korean version in english sound like! sorry sorry sorry licky licky licky macho macho. LOL

    joanne : yea i know! i was totally shock

  4. Hahahahahahah~

    can i say their pose EPIC FAILED xD hahahahahah!