Monday, May 23, 2011

My Second Home

I kicked start my 20 weeks of gym training last week and now i am in 19th weeks. This is where i spend my time every single day until my university semester start again. Forgive me for not taking any part time job because i know after i graduate, i am going to work until i die.

Those that are close to me knows i am becoming more and more obsess with body building but fear not i won't become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger

I received tones of invitation from friends to join them in their finest gym room equip with the latest gym workout machine that look like a spaceship aircraft to me.  Gym that are fill with sauna, personal toilet cleaner, and also tones of workout class like yoga, thai kick boxing.

There were once a friend asked me why don't i register myself at some other better fitness centre. My answer was Arnold Schwarzenegger train in such gym condition too and he won the title.

I have been in and out this place for more than 3 years. I remember when i first step into the Gym, i felt like puking because of the manly hood sweat and smell but today my sweat smell blend into them and create a 'better' place.

I doubt myself from time to time whether i can achieve my goal in this 20 weeks of gym training.
but as the wise man said

 The best steel came from the lousiest furnace. 

Shin Chan

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