Sunday, May 1, 2011

Superstar Look-alike

It is not the first time that i have been told that i resemble to some Asian Actor or singer and i never really pay attention but there were a night where i went to a local food court to have some 'yam cha' session. I got a lot of people starring at me and all i hope it's not something bad thou because i am pretty sure that i zipped up my pants and my hair a perfectly fine. 

But last night was annoying because i finally able to get to hear some small talk that they had on the table. I am still not deaf thankfully because i can clearly hear some of the table conversation. It is after all a food court off course you can listen to others if you want. 

I heard something like.
Girl A" hey you look at that guy. OMG! #@@#%#$^ " 
Girl B " Hey you are right! Omg! ya ya he look like him! omgg@$#@%" 

Then another guy got jealous and decided to turn them off by saying " ah! he doesn't look like him! Just abit only! #@$@##$^, besides he look like @#$@#% "

Note : @#$#@%@#$ means i can't listen clearly.

I don't really understand why KK people have to gave such attention to me. I am after all just an ordinary kk guy walking around to enjoy my tea and those attention can kept on going even after i am leaving.

Worst case was they even had gossip talk about me even when i was standing beside them. MY GOODNESS! I am still alive okay! I felt like talk it straight up to their face and ask is there anything i can help because i am a very helpful man. They still continue even after i gave them a glimpse. 

Anyway drop the annoyed feelings of mine. Here i compiled together all the superstar that were normally being refer to me and i want you guys to decided whether i resemble them or not.


All i want to say is, i will not be proud or happy of myself just because i look like someone else which are famous. I would rather to be known as Hayden Chan or Shin Chan with my own identity. The blogger, the guy that prank people or maybe the most handsome guy in KK. Okay now i am just being vain. Besides, the more you look at me the more you would think that i doesn't resemble them and only 30% of me resemble them.

The next time you see me around in KK, call me up say hi to me or even just smile to me. If you can't pronounce Shin Chan well, just call me up Hayden or maybe even a Hey man. :)

Shin Chan


  1. I think you look alike Joe Chang when you smile,lol.

  2. Now that you've mentioned it, you do look like Joe. Especially the middle photo of you and the photo of him next to Kenji.

  3. You did caught my attention when I saw you for the first time in KK Twestival. And I was keep thinking where I ever saw you before. Then I recall back that I read your blog before the twestival. Try imagine I read your blog 2 days before. Hahaha...

  4. Fish : haha yameh? :S look abit similar only. the longer you look at me. we don't look a like one.
    Diane : haha how come you manage to stumble across my blog few days ago? is it by random search?

  5. I think through Mei Tzeu's blog guar...Hehehe..