Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Swim

One of the best way to burn extra fat during training period and to stretch your muscle and ligaments.

While others are struggling with their academic i swim 2 to 3 times a week to keep my stamina up and burn more calories than usual. I understand some of you are really into counting the calories burn during an exercise but it is not necessary to be so tie up with the calories count. Just go swim for 5 laps or 10 laps with only 60 second of interval 3 laps rest.

If you got a club membership it's even better but for tight budget people. Public pool will do good too.

Likas Sport complex offer a fairly good facilities to the public and during the weekdays morning there are nobody there.

Close on Monday and open on the rest of the week and public holiday too.
Open from 8am ' i think' until 7pm with a break time in between 11am - 2pm.

Student Rm2 per entry and Adult Rm5 per entry.

i don't normally swim during the weekends because it is just too pack with weird people. no offence but some guys don't really go there for the swim but they got their other agenda.

Anyway, try swimming twice a week consistently for few months and see the different yourself.

Slow but effective.

Hayden Chan

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