Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Temptation

The hardest battle when you are on training are with your own mind because those fatty tasty foods will start to whisper in your mind tempting you to have a piece of them

There will be time where after a month or two of no fast food diet or any other fattening stuff. Your mind will play trick on you telling you to get tasty and juicy fast food. I was in that situation too up to today and how i did i fight it off?

There are no specific ways to fight those temptation off, because different people had different ways of fighting it.

Maybe you can start to reduce your fast food intake and eventually stop eating it. I can go without fast food up to a year or two.

Or maybe you can just go learn some ugly facts about fatty food then you scare yourself and wouldn't even dare to touch them again.

Anyway guys, i hate to tell you these but unless you go and exercise, diet alone wouldn't help much in slimming yourself down. You need to understand that diet alone is really slow without any exercise. The weight you gain today is not by 1 or 2 months but it is over the years so if you want to depend on diet alone you need to probably go through the same long process just like how you gain weight.

Yes slimming pill and other chemical stuff do help but it will certainly have some extend of side effect on your body.

Besides, exercise around the park and you might get a chance to meet someone new and it reduce stress after a long weekdays of work and studies.

Oh ya. by the way, the cheese spread sponge cake is really nice i can't control myself but to have one scoop of it.

Shin chan


  1. it sound so the food awful for me.. T.T

  2. hahaha you like the food is it? ;)

  3. So, Mr Shin chan loves food alot huh?!?! xD same!! *high five * actually, portion control is very important, no harm give it a bite~ xD

  4. hahahaha. yea. i love food alot. ;D no harm giving a small bite. ;p

  5. hard to resist the temptation aye! :p

  6. caroline : haha you eat alot in kl already. didn't belanja i makan!

    kian fai. LOL it's okay. eating nice food is how we enjoy life!