Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twitter kill blog

It wasn't the first time that i realize that my blog isn't fill with my personal writings anymore. Although i have been trying hard to think of ideas and searching for inspiration. I find it hard because Twitter had got the best of me and i update my twitter much more frequent than blog.

Twitter is much more easier and it keeps you in touch with friends. Like a blog you can share your thoughts and the latest trend was people are sharing advertisement spamming . Twitter is the best place to stalk your celebrities and also the girl or guy that you like if they got a twitter account.

Famous celebrities and person like @Obama, @Lady Gaga, @Justin biegayber and tones of other are in Twitter too. I doubt Obama twitter status is actually tweet by him by the way. He do sound like an automated sometimes machine that update everywhere he goes.

Stalk me at Twitter @chanqingsheng if you want.
but beware because sometimes the stuff that you read here in my blog is not similar to what i post in my twitter.

Perhaps twitter gave me a wider freedom of speech compare to blog. That is why i rather be updating over in twitter. Then again i always remind myself "People that doesn't know the history is bound to repeat it again." Never ever let everything all out in the internet because you never know what will it happen..

Look at the bully case from SML Raja Adullah. I wonder did the uploader ever think of the consequence of uploading such video online. I guess they all learn it the hard way. Facebook is starting to become a place where good news or bad news or even fake news spread easily, influencing thousand of people in Malaysia. Be wise and always do advance research before making any news sharing to others or dropping unnecessary comment. 

You can't trust the internet 100%

shin chan

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