Saturday, May 7, 2011

Typical Asian Dad

It has been almost a month now since i last really write for my blog. Besides doing places coverage and event coverage, i think i should give another personal touch into my blog again. There tones of up and down in my current semester and life but everything that i learn from my past kept my head strong and keep me moving forward no matter what.

Watch the video about if you are an Asian but if you are another race you can still watch it so you get a rough funny idea of how typical Asian father behave and educating their children.
I am also one of the Asian educated children.

If i were to given one word to describe how does Asian parent educate their children i would use.

Nazi, Adolf Hilter 
Worst come to worst, North Korean President Kim-Jong-il

No kidding. they always shoot first then ask what happen. For example if you fell down. You ain't gonna get some caring but you are going to get ass whooping first and then maybe if you are lucky probably you get a question of "How are you?!"

That's right welcome to Asia.

Nah i am just kidding about that. My parent might be dictator sometimes but i believe most of the parent doesn't know how to express their feelings. I wonder how would i be in future when i become a farther. I hope i don't become the next Nazi.

I hope you guys enjoy the video up above. It is made by Kevjumba a very well known famous youtube celebrities. I won't be surprise that most of the friends around me doesn't even know any youtube celebrities.

Have a good weekend ahead i hope i can write out more stuff soon.

Shin Chan

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