Friday, May 20, 2011

Unique Malaysia

It wasn't really the first time you heard Malaysia copy or take something that are known and renew it with another idea. Such act are just fooling with citizen trust and also giving up more of their votes to their opposition, i wonder what are they thinking above but we are watching clearly from below.

Sometimes i'm not even sure weather i should be proud of our nation or be humiliated by our nation thoughts and plans.

I guess it has been an old news ever since Proton launch their so call new model car Inspira. At first glance with a 99% eye sight it totally resemble Mitsubishi Evo 10.

Funny thing was Inspira was way cheaper than Evo 10 with the price ranging from MYR 80 - 90K. While Evo 10 carry a heavy price tag at RM 315,436.10 (On-The-Road without Insurance) [Source]

You got to be kidding me right? so what next? take a Lamborghini and turn it into a 'Make it Malaysia' car?

I wonder what is proton doing all these day to keep up with the competition with foreign car company and what is all the car design engineers doing in the company after all these years.

Not gonna say that much because it's an old case. Tones to complain but nothing last forever. Proton is going down someday in future if they are still slacking around.

Move on to the next copycat or regenerate ideas from Malaysia.

Have you guys heard of the 1 Malaysia Email for all 18 above Malaysian Citizen where Government gave 50 million to the company Tricubes Berhad announce by our Prime Minister on 19 April. [Source]

The moment i heard this news i smack my face with my hand. GOD you got to be kidding me right? Rm50 million to a small company?! Some more it is to bail the company out.

What about Yahoo.mail? And now we have Lord you must be kidding with me the government can't even standardize the entire nation internet service system and now 1 Malaysia Email?! Largest joke ever in the history. Like a wise man once said. Those that didn't learn about the history will tend to repeat the same mistake.

Forget about the 1 Malaysia email, we are all well sign up with google, yahoo and msn.

Oh ya by the way, shortly after the announcement of 1 Malaysia email, Tricube Berhad annouce that whoever wants to sign up for the 1 malaysia email need to get USB Biometric device from them or go to any National registration deparment. [Source]

Another jaw dropping moment.

i have no idea why does a simple email need such complicated procedure. From the sound of it, i guess they just want to learn more cash from us. It was reported that it can help us to obtain a more secure 'not totally secure' sending email service.  [source]

Anyway guys, do not be scare of voicing up your thoughts for Malaysia economy because it is not related to religion and race issues. I know there are alot of people got confuse of not talking about sensitive issues and some politician are really smart to connect almost everything to Sensitive issues.

If we do not love our nation, we wouldn't voice it up our opinion.

Vote for the right government.

I just hope they won't create 1 Malaysia Facebook in future. :S or 1 Malaysia Twitter aka Satu Malaysia Burung Siul and not to forget Satu malaysia Muka Buku.

Shin chan. ;)

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