Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yun man Steamboat Chinese Dish Restaurant

It's Sunday! Happy mother day to any mothers around the world and to those girls Happy Future-Mother day because some day you girls are going to become a mother too. I didn't had any special celebration with mum because she is busy working at some other place, but then again i want to say thank you for everything. For what you did, create what i am today. 

Anyway, i managed to make my way to Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dish Restaurant last night at Lintas in prior with one of my coursemate Iandy belated birthday celebration.

FYI, my majority of my coursemates are girls and only a hand full are guys. Iandy is a guy but i start to doubt about his gender after his act of girly last night. 

His pole dance was horrifying.

Overview of Yun Man Restaurant

RM20.00 per person and DON't waste food!
They have a wide varieties of foods for you over there.

Raw Food for Steamboat

Cooked Food


Ice Cream as Dessert

ALL for RM20! but please don't get excited about all the foods and keep on taking until you can't even finish it up because each 100grams leftover will  be charge RM5.00.

Gay Iandy

Don't worry guys, he is just trying to bend into the group of girls there.

We had 4 table with each table about 5 people in it. Yes we had 20 people on that night.

Yea i know he is a luck man.

But jack was even luckier that night got kiss by him. :S

Overview of the restaurant

Now just in case you want to organize a dinner over there with your friends. My advise. Do a reservation or be there earlier to get places. Do not be there during the peak hour of dinner specially during weekend because you will be having hard time of finding places. Worst come to worst you can't even get a place at all.

Another advise is please do not take too much food because you will be regret of not being able to finish everything up. I had a terrible night because i end up finish tones of extra food. Think before you take! measure your own stomach first.

If you are new here in Sabah which i believe it is very helpful for foreign student in UMS. Which i still think they might not understand the map but better than nothing. Just refer to this please.

Business hour : range from 6pm to 10pm

Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dish Restaurant
Lot 1, Ground Floor,
Taman Dixon, Off Jalan Lintas
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 717 048


  1. Wow... ur map very geng.. HAHHAHAHA!

  2. hahahaha :X why? very clear right! ;p