Saturday, June 11, 2011

Extraordinary Medical Report

As the competition is approaching, all the players including me are required to do a medical check up in a certify clinic just to confirm we are fit and healthy to perform at our best during the competition.

Based on my Medical report from the doctor, i am the only player to get all Extraordinary tick. Awesome right?

Extraordinary Medical Report

Just in case if you are wondering how were the tests being perform. Here is some simple test that i got from the doctor.

For the First Test of Brain Alertness

It all happen so random because while i was talking to the doctor, the doctor will suddenly throw a soft ball  at you.
If you couldn't catch it and try to avoid it or hit the ball away you're ordinary.
If you can catch the ball you are extraordinary.
If you got hit by the ball straight on the body, then you need to do advance coordination and nerves check up.

Second and Third test were taking by machine or nurse.
Forth test was a test on the heart where doctor is going listen your heart with a Stethoscope. Then you are required to increase or decrease the heart beat when you are being told.

Fifth test was my favorite. The lung test was easy because i was ask to hold my breath as long as i can. Amazingly i hold my breath for more than 5minutes until the doctor was shock and ask me to stop. FYI, an average healthy person can hold the breath around 2 minutes, thanks to David Blaine. I am able to hold my breath as long as him. [see how he did it]

The last test was straight to the point. In abdomen test, if you had a big fat tummy you will be ask to loss those fat and come back for another check up. Luckily i have 8 paxs so i am extraordinary. Yes 8 paxs no kidding yo.

So how many of you want to be extraordinary in daily life and things that you are trying to achieve. I believe everyone of us here would love to be extraordinary once or twice.

but the main question is are you willing to sacrifice everything you had to be the achieve your goal?
Let it be study , work, love or exercise or any other thing in life. Aim for the best and you will never regret. Go forward without hesitation.

Hayden Chan

p/s : the picture is photoedited btw


  1. LOL extraordinary! and how to increase and decrease your heart beat rate? that's interesting...

  2. hey dats really good achievement. x__x 5 minutes u r crazyyyYY!!

  3. Simon : just like in the movie how the hulk increase and decrease his heart beat. hahah

    jillian. hahahaa. nooo! i didn't do thattt. the whole post was a prank btw. LOL

  4. i don't know how the hell i came cross your blog,but hey i think i saw you before @ Unitar:D but you're an UMS student??haha neway cool blog!:)

  5. haha hey! thanks. yea i was a unitarian before but i drop and go for UMS after a year of TESL degree and i go for food science and nutrition. it's great to see you here!