Friday, June 24, 2011

Fast Update

Currently i am staying at UPM hostel at Serdang. For the first time in my life i am staying in a hostel with another roommate which is kinda weird because i have been sleeping on my own all the while. I am representing UMS for Malaysia Basketball Games playing against the entire Malaysia Local University.

Here are some series of short update of what and where i have been so far.

UMS official Athlete Jacket and tracks 
All of the Athlete that represented UMS were given 2 t-shirts, a set of Track suit like above and for us Basketball players, we also get 2 sets of different color of jersey. Awesome right? Not to forget that our plane ticket from KK to KL are MAS airline. Besides that, we also get 3 meals a day for a month before the competition starts and when we are here in KL, we also got allowance rm15 per day which is very low but better than nothing.

UPM hostel
To the Poor UMS students, i hate to bring it to you but UPM hostel only share with 2 people and the room is really spacious. To my amazement, in the particular hostel that i am staying now, they had special rooms like Refrigeration room, tv and leisure room, free water filter place, toilet at ever floor.

And if you think walking in UMS is a pain in the ass, try come here in UPM and UM and you will get lost and

The experience of taking KTM bring me to another level of understanding why does Malaysia public transportation over at KL got complain all the time. Looking at the government spending million of cash on useless stuff just created a huge Question Mark on my head whether the money would do better if it was channel to different area in developing Malaysia.

Klang bakut teh isn't that amazingly or heavenly tasty since everyone describe it was something that you must try when you are around in Klang. *More of the food review will be up on the following post as soon as i get back to KK.

A motivation kick start. The other day my personal physiotherapy doctor wish me luck the night before i went for last check up for ankle.
I guess i need to leave everything to the Lord and let him decide who will be the champion.

Hayden Chan


  1. Finally u took KTM. the lousiest of the lousiest train everrrrr because it's sooooo slow. and Klang bakuteh isnt that special already, quality drop. x_x

  2. hahaha. i took KTM from midvalley to serdang and we all the entire basketball team miss two train. So cramp and smelly!

  3. only few out of hundreds bak kut teh in Klang are nice!