Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I Started Gym

 Everybody got to have a good reason to start something in their life. Let it be motivation from others or motivation from them self.

While most of my friends are screaming and complaining that they are fat or doesn't look great. I on the other hand are fighting hard to build up my body. It just shows how far are you willing to take up the commitment and change something in your life.

Stop saying i don't know how to workout, i don't know how to plan diet, i'm scare that i am overtrain, i am scare of this, i am scare of that.

If you don't know how to workout, go youtube find the videos or just google it. HOW TO WORKOUT. Same goes to ' I don't know how to plan a diet'.

Here are the cardio workout for ladies.

For the guys
You will need to hit the gym and workout.

If you are scare of overtrain, then stay put at home and do nothing because achievement are not created without any sacrifice. If you don't get into overtrain then you will never know what is your limit are.

As the wise man once said before, Action speak louder than voice. Stop talking and complaining and get yourself working out!

How did i started my gym was because of one special friend. I was just 17 and he brought me over to the nearest gym because i was curious with gym. Bad idea of asking him along because he is the last person you want to be in gym with. It all started when he shows me the equipment and he even asked me to carry this empty long bar.

long  bar

The naive side of me lay down and tried to bench press the empty bar but i failed terribly and i couldn't even life up the entire bar from the resting slot. What a embarrassing moment in my life.

Bench press
Noted that one empty bar without the huge weight plates is 20kg. 

My spirit was so torn apart that i swear i will train myself to be able to lift that empty bar and i will let him know never ever challenge to or mock me down. 
So that is where it all started from, because of one friend mocking me for not being able to lift up something simple. Today i am capable of bench pressing up to 60kg and i am still not satisfy with it. I plan to go over 80kg probably next year. 

Well, as for the 'good' motivation kick start friend. He stop weight lifting training 2 years ago and the last time i meet him in the same gym. He saw me lifting up heavy weights and he face was priceless seeing me doing what i couldn't even do few years ago. 

Moral of the story, always use what is negative as your source of power to kick start anything you want. They can mock you, tease you, make fun of you and even label you but they cannot defeat you. 

To those skinny guy out there. Never ever listen to people saying You are too thin to be in the gym, it is because you're thin that is why you got all the reason to be in the gym to grow and cultivate those muscle of yours. 

So what is your reason to start exercising now?

Hayden Chan

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