Friday, June 10, 2011

IBT | Intensive Basketball Training

To improve yourself, one must realize what are your mistakes. So i decided to record down our simple morning half court 3 on 3 practice.

Lately there were alot of question about my status. such as 'Why Hayden always go for basketball training?' 'Don't he need to work or something for the long dreadful semester holiday?'

Let me answer you the 2nd question first, i don't really work but i do earn some part time income from photography for one or two time and a bit from helping out my parents.

First question : i am currently training to for UMS, University Malaysia Sabah to go over KL and compete with other Local university.

We train every single morning 6am and another session at 4pm. Freaking tired and i am having problem coping with it because my muscle mass start to reduce. I got headache from dehydrate too.

Heres the video of us. If you are bored and want to see a bunch of topless guy running around then this is the video for you.

I was topless in dark blue pants if you can notice.
The video that i recorded down open up my mind and notice there is alot of mistake that i have done. Previously i always been told i done alot of 'traveling and 'walking' during the game. Now i can see clearly what is the problem and i can finally fix it already.

Thanks to a bunch of great team mates that teach and coach me and i can finally play a better game.

The world has always been a sick place fill with sick people. Well, mentally sick that is and this is what happen to me.

When i don't post up 'Going to gym' status in Facebook. People are going to assume that i don't go for the gym anymore. But the fact is I maintain my gym routine continuously 4 times a week for the pass 3 years already.

When i post up 'Going to gym' status in facebook. There will be people questioning me and telling me. Why post it up facebook? It's your business. But the fact is i only post such status probably once or twice a week or even none.

At the end of the day, i told myself 'It's just the matter of time when they are remove from my friends list' because i don't have such negative friends in my life.

Hayden Chan


  1. Wohoo!! Topless guys playing basketball!! XD

    I can't tell which one is dark blue by the way. They all look black to me. --______________--lll

    Don't care what the others think. They're just bored and have nothing to do so they stalk people. XD

  2. hahaa. then do you know which one is me or not? i wear white red shoes.

    yea you are right. dont care about what others think.