Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Intense Training

3 weeks to go before i depart from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur and play Inter University Basketball Competition. This is my first time representing sports to another place and meet up players and teams from all over Malaysia.

Currently we are having training 6am - 8am for durability training , 12 noon - 1pm my personal gym strength training, and lastly 4pm until 6pm for strategy team training.

Basically what i do when i am free is hibernate. Even if i don't wanna sleep i can dose off because the body just automatically shut down.

The training was so intense until i go into hibernation after each session of training.

Here are some of the stuff that i realize. When people talk about let's go gym training. Basically they are just doing strength training. Yes, Strength Training means lifting up heavy weight and your muscle will look buff at the end of the day and you feel that you are strong and fit. Nice and good. Girls love it and you can get any chicks you want in the town. 

If you want to bring it to another level you need to write this.

Well, that was my definition of strong and fit few years ago when i first started lifting weight. But now i change my definition of strong and fit. I combine my Strength Training with Durability Training where things are do with high speed and high intensity. Which i believe that is how Army train themself.

Example, you run across the field for 10 times bring weight behind you or chin up with weight. Durability training will train your stamina and force your muscle to burn more fat as fuel than usual.
Or even swim ten laps none stop.

But off course you got to have prepare yourself not to give up easily and willing to keep on doing it again and again.

2 set of UMS MASUM Uniform

FYI : MASUM stand for Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. It's where Local university around Malaysia compete with each another with all sort of sports. Something like Miniature SUKMA i guess.

All i know is i got sponsored everything including MAS airline plane tickets to KL and tones of exciting event are ahead of us.

Come to think of it, our university prepared some Boot Camp event. There will be Survive Mode A night at the university Bay, a trip to Ranau, motivation talk and talent night show among athletes.

I will make sure my blog follow every news in my journey game to MASUM and wish me luck too!

Hayden chan


  1. good luck in your upcoming competition eh! show 'em what the Sabahan got XD

  2. Sabahan boleh!! All the best Chan!!

  3. thank you mary and thank you meitzeu! :D

  4. Keep on practice, All the best for upcomining events..