Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Longest Holiday Ever!

Man this must be the best thing ever happen to me. Besides having the longest semester break in my life with a duration of almost 5 months, i am also enjoying my life to the fullest and do things that i have been dreaming since i was 19.

I'm not sure how many others remember but last year semester break i didn't even spend more than 2 weeks at home out of those 1.5month of holiday. So currently i am training hard for my competition in kl and i also promise my coursemate that i would return to university with a muscular and hunk body. Juniors you should be thankful for entering UMS and studying the same coursemate with me. HAHA

Sun tan

In another hand, lately our government have been using our citizen cash in a really funny ways. Besides giving 50million to a down slope company now here comes about 1.8 million into the Tourism Ministry account.

1.8 million just to create a Facebook Page and to maintain it, some more they also create an online game worth 300,000MYR Watch the video below and see how does a 1.8 million facebook page look like.

I wonder how much does adidas or AXE facebook page cost. Probably even more? No idea. Anyway since they are using 1.8million to create and maintain a their own fagfacebook page. I decided to use 1.8 minute to promo my page too!

Hey! no worries! my page is free of charge and it is fairly maintain without any maintenance fee. Best of all, you will always get fast reply from me if i am infront of my laptop. I really wish to reach out to my readers out there because my personal facebook are meant for personal friends only. Hope you guys understand but no worries! I'll always be around if you guys want to keep in touch with me in the page.

Heres a new blog in the blogosphere for you guys to check out. Finally after years of convincing my sister, she finally decided to kick start her own personal blog. She has been keeping herself pressure in achieve something she desire but one thing i am impressed about her is she listen and take advise from people and learn from her own mistake. Better than some other beauty with empty brain and copy other's blog.

Currently she is in Canada pursuing her study and dreams and fulfilling them.

Ariel Chu's Blog Check her blog out at
An old blogger will always be able to spot another potential blogger. 'Vain me' I think she will be doing great or even better than me in future. I won't even be surprise one day she is one of the top bloggers.
Do expect more from her blog because this is just the beginning.

More to come soon because i will be going over for vacation this coming week! and my blog will be fill with post again.

Hayden Chan