Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Club In Town

Forget about the latest club in KL. Forget about what Euphoria MOS or OPERA or even 1Utama Library club have to offer because this is going to be the hype of the town.

Check out the new club that offer sex lessons and wives can take up classes to learn to serve husbands better in bedroom. - Headline

What?! it sound so sexist in the last few words. To serve husbands in better in bedroom. I'm a guy but i still think it is rather amusing to see such headline in a Malaysian newspaper.

I wasn't able to read what is in the content but i got some pretty wild imagination what would it be like in the Special Club.
No offence but are they going to show up adult videos or something during the classes? Hmm. I guess i just need to wait for the feedback from the special extraordinary wives that are brave enough to take up the classes.

So let me guess, i am sure they might have some video viewing during the classes just like what we have if we are learning biology? or Maybe series of presentation of special images to improve the learning and teaching method for the particular position?

Come to think of it, i pretty sure they need a textbook. Oh ya! Karma Sutra book might come handy in teaching you know what position thinggy.

Wait. Come to think of it, i think they might have some survey form to be fill up by the husband to check on whether their wive perform better or not. This is after all a Club where we all do fill up a survey form at some point of the time.

So the Q&A survey form might goes like this.
1.Did your wive satisfies you? Yes or No and please Rank 1 to 10.
2.Was it awesome? Rank 1 - 10
3.How much did your wive improve? Rank 1 - 10
4.How many rounds or did your frequency increase?

and if the result is not satisfying then the wive have to retake the course again. Which is kinda sad.

Man i couldn't even stop laughing writing this post. Just when i need some inspiration.

So. who is signing it up for it? 

Shin Chan


  1. Library is not a club, lol, it's a bar.

    But yeah I agree the whole issue is ridiculous :\

    Btw, next time u come KL u should try Maison/G6/Mist. More happening. Euphoria many kids and Opera quite dodgy, not really nice >_<

  2. Library is a bar? haha i see. alright i will for sure try out those clubs. :D

  3. WTH?? This is nt respectful even! Oh dear!

  4. Dehhh, I thought it's sth about new club to hang out in KK town in the first place =.=