Saturday, July 9, 2011

369 Three Six Nine | Citymall

After months of hiding in my own crib and traveling back and forth to gym and university basketball court, i finally get to do window shopping Citymall just to check out what are they latest shops around.

Surprisingly, there is a new fashion design cloths for guys which is what i have been hoping for all these while in KK.A decent vintage design cloths for guys. No sexist but girls are really lucky to get all the dress, cloths or whatever accessible they desire over here.

Grand Opening Day
I miss the Grand opening day because nobody mention about it to me. 

At first glance, most of their shirt are theme with Japanese Cartoon, Marvels Superheroes character, Star wars, Transformer and etc. What is so special about their store is all the design are done by their in house designer. Lay man term, the shirt you get it here are one of the kind and you won't be able to bump into anyone with the same shirt over in KL or other places but i can't be sure if you would in KK.

Japanese Cartoon


American Cartoon Flintstone

Captain America


Atom Boy
Little known fact, i actually fancy Atom boy when i was younger and even now i would still watch it if there is any chance. Without any hesitation just like how i confessed to my girlfriend i brought the Atom Boy shirt. :) Lucky me it was the last Black Atom Boy L size T-shirt.

Price wise;
1 shirt Rm39.90, 
2 shirts - RM69.90 &
3 Shirts RM99.99
So if you wanted to get shirts over here, best get a few friends to tag along so you can get a cheaper price.

Quality wise is yet to confirm because i haven wash it yet, but from the first touch and the texture of the clothes seem good. *Missing information will be updated after a few wash of my own purchase Atom Boy Shirt*

Facebook Page :

Location :  First floor, Citymall, Kota Kinabalu

I wonder if they would do any upcoming design with Anime Theme or other Game Play theme.
What is even awesome is if they would even do a shirt design specially with me as cartoon with blog tag on it. *Hint.

Anyway, do check it out guys and girls, it's time to show how much you love or care for your boyfriend.

Hayden Chan