Monday, July 11, 2011

Chinatown | Petaling Street

Petaling Street also known as Chinatown where local Chinese people set stall and sell all kinds of stuff. They sell triple A branded stuff ranging from LV, Gucci, Channel, Perfumes, and even Shoes. You name it they have it. 

At least they are being honest with you when you asked them whether is it a real brand or not. Anyway guys, the main thing that attracts me are not those fake branded stuff. I am here for the foods, drinks and also photography.

I am always been a fan of street photography. It is the best way to capture almost everything in random and unexpected.

Check out what i got, i am sure you gonna love it. 

Reminds me of Hong Kong street
It does resemble some similarity of Hong Kong busy street.

Hell, i didn't know i might capture this photo. I just hold up my camera and simply shoot and i got a lady digging her gold. :S

Most of the food stalls are located in the middle of the street. 

We had Kon Lou Mien for dinner and it cost us 4bucks.  

The good thing about the food over there is they are reasonable cheap but the portion is smaller compare to Sabah Food.

Minced meat with noodles

Every street photography got to have the picture of the day. and it goes to this Ang Mo wearing funny t shirt. 

No money
He can speak Chinese no kidding! and his shirt caught my attention. 


  1. U dint try the salad yao zha guai? its vry nice de!!

  2. Hi Hayden

    Thanks for following my Smallkucing blog at blogspot. I have moved to Do drop by if you are free.

    Do you eat roast duck? I love the Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck at Petaling Street. Each time I went down there, I would surely tapau home a roast duck