Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fatty Chef Cuisine | Karamusing Capital

KFC and McDonald both share the same similarity, both of them are fatty and they do not put anywhere in their advertisement letting everybody know it is fatty. But things are different for this particular restaurant where the word Fatty is use and they call it FATTY CHEF CUISINE.

Located at Karamunsing Capital on the same block as Paparich.

The other night when i was there, they were having promotion of Rm18 set lunch and dinner. A combination of one main course and 2 side dishes and with additional of 2bucks you can enjoy a soup of your selection on the menu. 

So in general the meal and soup alone would cost Rm20 if you do not order any drinks. 

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup was ordinary and nothing to brag about it. 

Cheese pillow chicken with salad and ham carbonara

Salmon Cheese pillow with egg ham and chicken spaghetti 

Salmon Cheese Pillow with mayo wedges and salad

Gordon Bleu Chicken with Salad and Carbonara 

All the food i tasted on was fine and nothing much to comment about it. I would say it is just like any other typical western food and there is nothing to aww on. The price and the food portion is definitely worth it and it might just be another new place to hang out in KK.


My recommendation goes to the Mangoes island. Smooth and rich in mango. The other banana smooth named Monkey Pool is nice too.

Rating : 2.5/5
Phone number : 088 - 484209

This is not a paid post.

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