Thursday, July 21, 2011

Genting Gohtong Jaya | Strawberry Farm

On our way down from Genting Highland, we drop by over at Gohtong jaya where the famous Strawberry farm located. I never really been to a strawberry farm before and i was actually very excited to be here for the first time.

I was jumping around and shouting at others to walk faster and everything seem so unreal until... i spot this weird water fountain.

It might look ordinary from far but when you try to focus on the strawberries around the fountain.

Look wrong
It does look extremely wrong by the way and for innocent minded people. let just keep it as a water shooting strawberry. ;)

I am not sure how big is the farm but you can enter the farm and hand pick your own strawberries. Just make sure you pick the ripe one and it is not free.

RM15 per pack

I tried a few strawberries and they are sour. Not sure about all the strawberries thou.

Besides strawberry farm, there are also mushroom farm and also gigantic farm where enormous vegetable are grow in there.

If you are there just to get their strawberry, please take note that once you enter, it will take a long time for you to walk out because they will re-route you around and around just to get you pass by every single souvenir, cafe and farms.


  1. that you mentioned about the fountain, i baru noticed :p .ya.. a very long walk to come out

  2. haha you been there tones of time and never realize it? hahaa. yea a horrible long walk.