Thursday, July 21, 2011

Genting Highland | Walk Around

People staying over at Peninsular are really lucky. All the big and smooth roads allow you to speed and reach any destination faster compare to Sabah. Going up to Kundasang is a pain in the ass and it normally took about 2 or 2.5 hours to go up but it is a different story for driving up to Genting Highland.

The road up to Genting Highland is amazing but alternately you can also grab the cable car up to Genting if you want to enjoy the breathtaking view. The last time when i was there is 9 year old and i can't remember any single thing about Genting except for the cold temperature.

Once again YL the professional crazy driver drive us up in less than 1.5 hours from the Genting Toll.

Since Genting only serve expensive over there at the Top we stop by at the half way to get some random breakfast.

There is nothing to complain basically about the Bakut teh but having a hot soup of Bakut Teh when it is cold is really heart warming. Never tasted better than before.

Weird yao za gui. I wonder what happen to the color. :S

Yng & Yl
There is nothing better to spend quality time with crazy good friends! They are rare in my life but i cherish them to the max.

It rain in the morning before we leave to Genting and up on top our vision was blur by the thick mist. Felt like in heaven right?

I guess we are not the only know enjoying the heavenly mist at Genting.

This is the main reason why we are here at Genting, since all of us already hit our 21 it's time to try our out in Genting Casino. Sadly i lost 10bucks and Yl lost 50 bucks and both of us lost at first try.

You might question why Casino? Well, it's like a symbol where you hit the club when you are 18 and i hit my casino when i am 21. A sign of legal age of doing certain things you were not allow to do when you were young. 

We didn't get to play the theme park due to time constriction on our trip so we just hang around and jump around to promote Genting with our shoots. Beware do not try planking if you are scare of height or never risk your life in planking at high place.

There will definitely be another trip to Genting and this time i am going to stay over night. At least 2 days one night. How am i going to fork out that much of cash to stay over night in so many places like Penang and Genting? :S

Cip of memory
I am not sure is it illegal to bring a money cip out from the casino but it is still worth a memory of mine.
There are all sort of gamble games inside, from as cheap as 5 cent to as expensive as 50bucks minimum bet.
Just make sure you bring along someone when you plan to go try your luck in the Casino. You might need someone to drag you out when you are addicted to it.

Hayden Chan


  1. dont worry. Genting always have offers for its Hotels. Just need to be vigilant and see the offer. There was once RM1 offer for the First World hotel. But dont expect much la for the rooms. Anyway, go there to have fun and not zzz only