Monday, July 4, 2011

Gong Cha Review

Another day another game. Life is like a game. There are certain things you get plenty of chances before you change and improve and there are things that you only had that one shot of a life time.

After losing both of my basketball game with Unversity Malaya ,UM and Unversity Putra Malaysia, UPM. the entire team went out to have dinner and i decided to stop by midvalley to meet up a very good blogger friend of mine. Shannon Chow.

It's hilarious because she never heard of Gong Cha before and i'm the one that had to bring her to Garden Mall, beside Midvalley to try it out at 2nd Floor beside Isetan store.

If you guys have no idea what is Gong Cha. Well basically they sell milk tea and not just some ordinary  Milk tea like Chatime.

Gong Cha Signature Milk Green Tea

What is so special about Gong Cha is there are 3 ways to taste the tea out.

First Sip the top foamy milk cream

Second, use a straw a try the tea in the middle. 

Lastly, just mix everything up and you get your perfect combination of milk tea.

Roselle tea with white pearl

It's very unique and unlike other milk tea i drink before they are all mix well before it reaches to the customer hand.

Price wise is around RM4.90 to RM10
You can chose your own Sugar Option level from 0% Sugar to 100% full sugar.
Not to forget the ice option from No Ice to Regular Ice.

Tel: 03-2284 9328
2nd Floor The Gardens Mall, Near Isetan.

Pictures by Shannon


  1. Hehee.. i have definitely heard of it.. it's crazily popular now..but no, I stil havent tried any!!!

  2. gongcha! havent tried it yet but im not a big fan of chemical drinks... ekekeke

  3. Magdalene : you should go try it out! it's really nice

    Rebecca! you should go try it out! we meet that night by the way after we taste it out.

    Henry lee : you should try because it doesn't taste like chemical to me :) it tasted very natural compare to chatime. Cola is chemical, soda is chemical. gongcha is natural. haha

    Sasa : White pearl tasted really nice and something different compare to black pearl. should give it a try.

  4. Henry - Ho HO....You gotta try Gong Cha ^^

    Nice review ;)

  5. white pearl O.O wanna try it out!

  6. Shannon chow : thanks! your review is nice too!
    simon. must try! ;)

  7. try share tea at centre point.
    its quite similar with gongcha and very famous in taiwan =)

  8. is it! alright! thanks! i will try it out over there. :)