Thursday, July 7, 2011

IKEA Damansara | Meatballs and Hotdog

I am always a big fan of beef meatballs and hotdog and i couldn't believe how awesome it is over at IKEA Damansara.

The combination of beef balls with berries jam just perfect, i never knew it could be combine. The sauce was thick and i think i tasted some cheese somewhere inside it. Fries was in large cut. The tenderness and chewing the meat is really being in Cloud 9. I could be exaggerating but this is one of the kind beef ball what you would want to try it out at least once in your life time and i am sure you will go back for more.

Now i just wish Sabah got IKEA. :(
i hope to get back and try it out when i am back to KL next time.

RM2 hotdog at first glance i was hesitating whether i should get myself one or not. But after some persuasion by friends i decided to try on it and oh my lord it was so tasty. The look might be deceiving with small cubes of onions and 2 streams of chilies and mustard but it is on par or even better than 1901 hotdog since the price is just 2 bucks. 
Worth trying it and you might want to get yourself 2 hotdogs. :D i would totally get 3 or 4 the next time i am there again. 

IKEA Damansara Opposite The Curve.
Open Daily: Sun - Thu : 10am - 10pm
Te; : 03 - 7726 7777


  1. oh ikea meatballs & the hotdog are my favorite! yumz! :D

  2. I wish for an Ikea in Sabah too! Of course with the cafe too :)

  3. Yes!! The meat ball is super nice!! u should try the chocolate cake too~ its awesome~

  4. Henry : i bet you try it all the time since you are in kl ;)

    aly: haha too bad they dont have it in sabah right? :S

    jessie: i will try the chocolate cake next time when i go to ikea again! :D i think all the food in there is awesome

  5. Why Kaykay don't have. :\ nway saw you at KF few weeks ago. :)

  6. hahaha. yea i know right? it's too bad kk dont have it. :( i stay in KF ;) just added you in fb!

  7. You can always buy back the frozen meatballs, bottled jam and sauce in the packet. :P I keep a pack in my freezer for days when I'm too lazy to go IKEA, haha!

  8. 0.0 you serious? D: nobody tell me about that before. too bad. the next time i go, i must get the frozen one. hahaa thanks! :D