Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After weeks of traveling, playing for university in basketball competition and having my short honey moon, i am back to my computer room once again with sweet and fun memories from all my journeys. Thinking back all the fun i had and the special time i spend with just make me smile till my eye become a line.

Meeting up tones of new friends, seeing tones of funny and weird stuff all around the places i travel to.

I wonder who would be so desperate to go for this. Not me for sure. ;)

Joining the inter Malaysia University Basketball brought me to another whole new level of basketball and sad to say our university lose and didn't manage enter semi-final. 
University Sains Malaysia from Penang got champion and to be honest the first thing that came into my mind when i step into Penang is to burn down their University but they won it fair and square and i was being funny to think of burning down their university.  
We are still cool with it and our spirit is burning high up  till now. Next year i'll be back.

threesome and probably foursome

Funny moment during the basketball. We will never know how gay we are during the match. 

Dance with me

There were also dance picture from the matches we had. 

It might look like a 40 minutes games but everything counts. There were moment of despair, moment of anxious, moment of happiness and lots more of moment but most importantly is the moment where we stand together as a team and fight together.
I always carry a principle of We win as a team and lost as a team. not individuals not other things.

That's how i live my life. 

Lastly, we form a strong bond between each another and stories to be told over the years and probably even to my children. They are just crazy teammates and they teach me to be the best of the best. Thank you guys for giving me all the training i need during training session.

I remember i was the weakest among all and the first day on training i done over 100 push up for missing alot of shoots. But look at me now! i am doing continuously shoots without missing and i am so glad i join the match. What i learn was just a small part of entire basketball skills, tone to learn.

Our university sports unit officer might be thinking why we lost but hey come on! it's a game and there will be always people better than us and it's not about losing and winning but it's about the fighting spirit. 

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