Monday, July 18, 2011

My Air Asia Experience

Everybody got their unique stories to tell when they go on board in Air Asia. While most of them are about how terrible are the delays are by Air Asia, and some just talk about how cheap and awesome is AA low fares.

From negative to positive comment, AirAsia have it all. My personal experience with Air Asia is somewhat different than others. I am not sure whether you guys go through this before but i am sure you don't wanna be in it.

What happen to me was during boarding i was sitting just right below the overhead compartment and came a man with a backpack trying to upload his bag just right above my overhead compartment. Hell i don't know why is he so careless and brainless and which party of Beware of Overhead compartment does he not understand. He actually drop a 500ml full filled bottle straight down my head and the worst thing was the hard bottle cap landed first on my head. Suffered a minor contusion and it even swell. 
Although it was an accident but i still got to say he is stupid to have not thing about the bottle might fall on me. 
What if it is someone else? Or it is something else like an iron bottle? Couldn't even imagine what it might happen to other passenger. 

Anyway, this is what i want to do to the passenger that drop a bottle on my head. View the video above and you will understand.

Besides having things falling on my head on the plane, i also experience somewhat consider special and intense too.

I remember i was sleeping and the crew starts to push the cart around and serve foods to those that had order it. All of the sudden without any warning, 2 flight attendance passby and accidentally crash the cart directly into my knee cap bone and it immediately wakes me up. If you know how awful is it to get awaken up from alarm clock wait until you get hit from a cart then you will know how painful is it. Luckily i didn't suffer any injuries just a really painful bang on the knee. 

Question is how can a cart bang into my leg while my leg is not even all the way out on the walkway? Why can't 2 flight attendance take care of a sleeping passenger while pushing the cart around?
All i got from the flight attendance was A shock on her face and a Sorry. That's it. Man talk about courtesy and i do expect the flight attendance to stop and have a look at me just to make sure i am fine but i guess not.

It's awful when double unlucky stuffs happen to me in a day. Here is the message  to everybody. Becareful with overhead compartment, you don't want to hurt someone else on plane.
To the flight crew, it is sometimes unavoidable when it comes to accident but question is, how are you guys going to handle it? A sorry? a smile? or any courtesy call that you should be making it in order to make the passenger to feel better.

though it is just a Rm70 bucks flight but humanity is priceless. I wish someone up on top in Air Asia would read this and realize they had make a mistake. Anyone in Air Asia would like to get extra information can just email to me or just contact me and i am gladly to provide specific information.

There is no doubt that AA had shape and change how we travel around the world these day. I remember the older days where traveling with MAS is really a pain in the ass and only upper class people can travel with MAS

Hayden Chan


  1. huah... that was a bad experience, well things might just happened no matter what airline it is but AA seems to be very risky one. Hope u r ok now ^^

  2. airstewardess are always very rude.. most of them i encounter. they duno how to serve old ppl one, always like scolding tone.

  3. haha yea. it can happen in anyway airline because it's just a simple human error. Yea thanks! i am fine now.haha have to becareful next time someone get near my overhead compartment

  4. I think it's more possible for this to happen on AA planes coz it's very narrow. They can only push the cart through. since you legs are so long i guess they are kinda sticking a little too much out of the seat?

    Since they are low cost flights, I guess all they can do is say sorry...

  5. Adoi...didnt @#$%# that fella ka?

  6. jillian : chill chill. hahaha just some minor flight attendance saja got problem.

    sherlyn: haha i guess it's just a normal human error. :) accident happen all the time. i understand also de.

    small kucing: i wish i can but he already said sorry. serious wanna do the thing in the video to him.