Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Party Play Tandori Mango Pizza Review

After months of anticipating, we had our little sweet escape and spend our romantic weekend together. Unlike other couples that get to meet each another frequently, we only get to meet each another once a month or even once in few months. So every moment i spend with her is even more expensive than diamonds. :) 

On the Saturday evening, Party Play Cafe became our host of  our dinner and serve us with great foods. Each time when i am there to different foods, they can never stop surprise me with their tasty food. 

Grilled Chicken Chop

Well marinated grilled chicken and you can really taste the marinated ingredients within the chicken while you are chewing it.

Tandori Mango Pizza - RM26

I have been hearing people telling me their pizza is awesome but i need to state that the word awesome is not what i would use to describe Party Play pizza. The pizza's crust is thin and well bake, not too thick and not too thin. the topping is juicy and it is not too oily too. The combination of chicken and mango as topping  is really one of the kind of pizza i tasted before and the result of the combination is perfect.

Fresh mango give out the sweet taste and they are very generous with mango topping as well so there is nothing to complain at all.

The moment i had a slice of pizza in my mouth, it sort of melts instantly and spread all over. What a satisfying pizza.

chocolate fudge 

The night was romantic and as a guy i end up finish most of the dishes but most importantly the time we spend together are priceless . <3 until we meet again

Hayden chan