Thursday, July 21, 2011

Penang Food | Gurney Hawker Stalls

Penang is just an amazing place to be in. Foods are spotted almost everywhere around the city. I guess people that stay over at Penang Island is really lucky. At some point i do wish i was born in Penang but i guess i just need to be grateful Sabah isn't that bad either.

Anyway, we relied on the iphone GPS and it get us to Gurney Hawker Stall just beside Gurney Plaze. Over at Gurney Hawker stall you can literary find almost all the foods Penang island have to offer. 

Gurney Hawker Stalls

I guess some people never seen a dslr hold up that high before. Friendly looks i got to say. 

Cendol and ABC

Screw me i done my biggest mistake for not trying Cendol and ABC because i was busy finding other food until i don't even realize i was actually looking at Cendol and ABC.

Wantan mee

Didn't get to try this because i am stuff! Next time babe. 

Lok lok

fried lok lok

Man i got no idea how to describe how amazingly this unhealthy fried food taste like. It does feel weird when they refried the whole thing just to heat it up for you.

I never thought i would see this. SKIN CHICKEN. i haven been eating any skin chicken for years already and i always peel it off if there is any skin on the skin. I tried 1 piece of skin chicken and it got me feeling sick and nausea. Thanks to the skin chicken i felt ill for the entire night and i thought i was about to fall sick.

Fried oyster is one of the food that you must try on Penang Island. Isn't sure where do they normally go for their Fried Oyster but the one over at Gurney Hawker stall tasted  pretty awesome to me.

Soya bean milk tasted like any other regular soya milk and i still prefer the famous old time sell soya bean stall over at Chow kit road, Chinatown Petaling Street.

BBQ string ray ' Ikan Bakar'. YL said it is nice but i am pretty sure i tasted fresher BBQ string ray before over at Sibu. I guess that night isn't my luck to try on the fresh BBQ string ray over at Penang Island.

luk luk
With only 80 cent per stick you can steam it yourself and dip into different kind of spices and sauce. The price couldn't even compare to Sabah. Our luk luk are damn freaking expensive and it cause you from RM1 until RM2.50 and for no reason people are still going for it. Hell when are they going to realize that the food they are paying for in Sabah is worth it?! 

That night, we were so full that the food were stuff all the way up to our throat. I will never ever again do a two days trip to Penang Island in my life again. It's like skipping the best part of the music and fast forward everything.

The night did not end there ladies and gentlemen. ;)

Hayden Chan

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