Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Penang Food | Jalan Perak

Just right infront of Lintang Slim we found some number of portable food stalls park beside the road side and we decided to stop by and try what they have to offer to us.

We didn't think twice because we were that hungry after all the side seeing around in Penang Island.

Ask any Malaysian and they will say Penang The Land of FOOD.

Road side Portable hawker stall

I noticed there are people stopping by to the food over there from time to time. 

I know those dessert are tasty but i am not a big fan of dessert so i didn't go for any of it. :S

糖水 'Dessert'

Penang Laksa

Prepare in such a simple way yet able to excite my taste bud is not what i can try everyday back in my place.

Penang Laksa

Penang laksa tasted awesome. Different places had their version of penang laksa but this particular laksa tasted slightly sour because of the pineapple cube.

曼煎糕 " Ban Jian Gao"

It's a type of kuih kapit where you can add banana, corn and egg into it. Similar to taco fold but it's a Malaysia version of taco fold.

Singapore Poh Piah

I was surprise to find this Poh Piah here because the last time i tried it was over at Singapore Bugis Road. I was expecting it to be as spicy as the one i tired before at Singapore Bugis Road but it was fairly well only. I like the crunchy cup filled with different kinds of vegetables.

Poh Piah - Spring Roll
The food above are just snacks and wouldn't be able to make it into main course. The price of the food in Penang are surely cheap but the portion isn't big compare to Sabah food.

So i guess we all need to think twice before comparing the price of the food with another state. There are no doubt the food here in Sabah are expensive but the portion are bigger and i guess you pay what you get for? Except for some of the food but i am just talking in general only.

To be continue...

Hayden Chan


  1. Penang is indeed land of food. I can eat and eat and eat there

  2. for the best penang laksa , u should go to ayer itam town ! near kek lok si and true jesus church there...there is a stall selling the greatest penang laksa

  3. wah penang post as well! nice one shin chan... really miss their food especially the poh piah

  4. small kuching : indeed! i am so gonna return to penang.

    tien: alright! i will next time! no tour guide bah me. hahaha

    henry: i know you went to penang lately too. gonna see your post soon too. ;)