Thursday, July 21, 2011

Penang Food | Solok Moulmein

Our trip was super pack and short, i deeply regret for taking Penang Island so lightly and thought i could travel and see everything in just 2 days 1 night. The fact is, you actually need about 3 days to 4 days to really experience and see everything in Penang island.

I am sad that we miss out the Toy Museum because i'm always been interested in cartoon and figures. We also miss out tones of other things in Penang. It just make me depress thinking about it.
Piece of advise, never ever stay for a night over in Penang hoping you will discover everything. Give yourself at least 4 days. 

We ran out of time and we decided to just randomly drive around and follow our instinct for breakfast food. I never hear of Solok Moulmein before and i guess it is just another small street in big city of Penang Island. Many of you might think that only some particular place of food in Penang Island street is awesome and they got all the exposure and attraction but i believe any other street deserve a fair coverage from food hunter like me.

I mean that's how famous street become right? They were once unknown.

I doubt you can find it in maps but if you do just try all the shops and foods over there. 

hokkien fried mee

The prawn they use to cook this hokkien mee is really fresh and it tasted as if they just caught it this morning.

koew teoh mee goreng

Amazingly delicious. I just love how strong the Wok smell is. 

There are many other place that serve better dim sum over here, i guess you need to skip the dim sum and try it at another place. 

penang hokkien mee

It's spicy and the soup tasted like prawn soup. 

Our trip was actually less than 24 hours and with the stomach of a cow we manage to try quite a number of food around Penang.

One thing for sure, i will be back to Penang Island within 12 months time and this time i am going to do my research well!

Hayden Chan


  1. wah lau eh..the CKT and prawns noodle looks so yummy

  2. yes indeed! very very fresh and the noodle is really elastic. :D