Monday, July 18, 2011

Penang Trip | Sightseeing

It's the time around the year again. Every year i will fork out some cash to travel around to somewhere else. Let it be around Malaysia or outside of Malaysia and this time my good friend YL tag along and we drive all the way from KL through north south highway up to Penang to venture and taste all the legendary foods that i have been hearing it ever since young.

The journey from KL to Penang took us roughly 4 hours or less? Basically i have no idea what is the average time to get to Penang to KL but what i know is we are driving in a faster speed than usual and when i say faster i mean lot more faster.

Saga old Model
Yea i know, Saga is an old car and some more it is a local car but the point is we dare to do something to risk our life just to experience it. Compare to some other people only know how to talk how fast and how awesome they can drive. Snap a picture and prove it.

I guess you got your answer why we managed to travel to Penang in such a short period of time.

Heres my personal experience about first time being over at north south highway. It is very smooth and all the car just fly like mad dog. I even realized that what is the use of getting an expensive car like BMW, Mercedes or Mazda if you can't even reach up to top speed over in KK? It's like buying a bird and lock it up in a cage. Bet that is how your expensive car felt in KK. We don't have highway actually in KK and getting from point A to point B in KK makes no different at all.

Note: We travel without any tour guide nor advance research. All we had with us is Iphone 4 GPS and our instinct. 

Anyway back to the trip. The Penang bridge is spectacular and i believe that the government shouldn't be building a bridge connecting Sabah main island to Labuan because they can't even connect all the main cities in Sabah well.

We didn't head down to hunt for the food but we drove around the island to check out everything and snap pictures. We didn't go to tourist spots like Snake Temple or Batu Ferringi due to limited time so we made a general coverage around town.

Sabah don't have it

Hunted house

Tall house

UFO shape decoration?

Infront of gurney plaza

New World - Antic horse

Penang Plaza


Church Street

Clock tower


Gurney Plaza

After side seeing around town and i got no idea how we end up into a street filled with pubs and clubs. HAHA nah i am just kidding we actually search for it and ask around people about this famous street where alot of pubs and club open in the same place.  It does sound like a heaven for young adult guys for us and the story stop there because most of my reader are underage.

Anyway, if you ever do come across this street you must, i repeat you must at least hangout here one night before you go back home. 

Some of the famous clubs around here are Voodoo, Soi 11, MOIS and FAME

We didn't get ourself drunk and we are good guy. :)

 We spend our night over at the famous uprising and mushroom blooming Tunes Hotel with amazing detail charges for every single extra thing that you need in your room.

There will be two posts about Penang Food hunting. Stay tune. ;)

By the way, we actually almost got into an accident along north south highway not because we are speeding but there were hard rubber pentagon shape fly towards us from the opposite side of the road maintenance side. I believe is the worker didn't place their equipment properly causing them to fly over to the other side of the road. Luckily it hit our bumper and actually bend two of the rim on the right side.
Thank God it didn't fly to the the driver mirror and i am glad we survive that. 

Hayden Chan


  1. This post made me miss Penang more. =( But nice to hear that you kinda enjoyed your trip.

  2. hahahaa. go back to penang! you are so near and i am soo far. ;) it's a nice place sherlyn