Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sate Kajang Haji Samurai Review

It was just another night when we are hunting for foods during our stay for the Malaysia University  basketball competition. Apparently, we are provided with 2 personal van driver by UPM and he willing to bring us out to anywhere nearby. 

We asked for a good recommendation of Sate Kajang and the driver drop us here. Sate Kajang HJ. Samurai. I always had a perception where sate would be sell off in a small stall or a small restaurant but over at Hj Samurai Sate Kajang, they surprise me with 2 storey high with the size of futsal building. 

The outlet is amazingly huge and at first impression, they must be selling tones of sate of great food to open up such a huge restaurant.

I never heard about Haji Samurai but everybody seem to heard it before. I only know Sate Kajang are the best in town. We were at the branch outlet located beside the football field.

Using an open kitchen concept , we are able to enjoy the view on how the worker prepare and bbq the sate without any worries of mishandling of food.

The glove are clean but i wonder when was the last time they brush off their bbq stove. :S

At first glance on the menu pricing food. The price was average.

Sate Ayam [chicken] RM0.60 per stick
Sate Daging [beef] RM0.60 per stick
Sate Kambing [goat] RM1.20 per stick
Sate Arnab [rabbit] RM2.00 per stick
ABC RM3.00

Pretty reasonable for me despite their huge outlet.

Since i am not sure when i will return i decided to order most of the sate and write a review on all of them.
Personally on overall, the sate they serve are normal and nothing extraordinary or i might even put their rank at below average. Why? and here are the reasons.

I had chicken sate, Beef sate, Goat Sate and Rabbit Sate. All of the sate i tried had a similar meat texture which is hard to bite or chew on. I had problems removing the meat from it stick except for the chicken which is slightly easily because chicken meat isn't that hard compare to the other.

Next, the burnt smell is just too strong and it even cover up the chicken taste. It's not burnt in black ashes but i believe is the smell of the burnt stove stain on the chicken meat. The chicken meat is really dry and not juicy at all.

Beef Sate is hard to bite on and remove but not to the state of chewing a gum. Trying to bite the beef sate out from it stick it's like a barbarian biting on a huge drumstick and pulling it with full force.

Lastly, the famous sidekick sate sauce isn't that fragrance. Maybe it was fragrance before and it wasn't fragrance that night? No idea but definitely it didn't reach my expectation of sate sauce. 

The ABC was just ordinary and nothing much to comment on.

So guys, is this the Sate Kajang you have been hailing and adoring for? Sorry but it doesn't get a fine review from me that night. Fear not! I would still give it a 2 out of 5.

Any other places to recommend me for sate? drop a comment down below!

Sate Kajang Hj Samurai MKT S/B (710811-H)
Lot1,2, & 3, Tgkt Bawah & Tgkt 2
Bangunan Dato Nazir Jln Kelab 4300 Kajang

Tel : 03 - 87371853

Hayden Chan

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