Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tight belt

Here i am again, stuck at home. Knowing what is going to happen for the next 30 days of my life. Sleep, eat, go for the gym and etc. It is a good thing because this is the great time where my wallet can hibernate and become thicker until the time when i am going to travel to Taipei again!

Yes you got me right. At the end of August, i will be traveling over Taipei and explore their exotic places. But in the mean time, i am broke :S

No Cash

The real thing is, i don't have a job and i have been depending on my saving accounts that i have been saving up since the earlier of the year. There are many ways to save cash. One of them is to stop your shopping spree and eat economy rice for every meals. Stop hitting the club and spend your day at home
watching drama.

Ultimately, for couples it is important on how to save on cash while dating each another.

1. Learn how to cook all kinds of foods! From Japanese to western food. It is not only heart catcher for girls but it would save up tones of cash from dining outside in fancy restaurant

2. Learn how to give good massages. That way you wouldn't have to spend extra cash sending your love one to massage parlor.

3. Plant flowers on your own. Roses should be easy to plant i guess and once you grow up a tree of roses you can now hit on any girls you want without spending tones of cash on getting flowers from florist! Don't let your back yard goes empty with grass, you can now turn it into something

I guess what is how we can save on relationship.

Inspired by the girlfriend.

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