Monday, August 15, 2011

ADV | Pizza Island Servay Hypermarket Penampang

Greetings fellow humanoid, time has been rough and i have been busy with tones of stuff lately. Fortunately ,last week i got invited over to newly open Pizza Island at Servay Hypermarket Penampang to try out their homemade pizza and write a review for them.

Their main specialty is selling tasty homemade pizza and besides pizza they also make some homemade donuts too.

All of their pizza are freshly baked with natural ingredients and no preservative. Best of all you can always call in to order in 10 minutes in prior before you pick up your pizza.

Thanks for inviting me over to try your pizza guys!

Pizza island front store.

The store is located infront of Servay Hypermarket with a roll of small stall. I was surprise how much it change after the hypermarket was burn down few years ago. It's just right in the middle among all the shop store.

Italy Chicken Ole
The pizza Italy Chicken Ole that i had was will filled with toppings of minces chicken, green pepper, sweet corn and pineapple. Most importantly the dough is just nice and crispy and not to forget the double layer of cheese without any extra charge on pizza.

Main Menu

With the price ranging from RM8.80 to RM18, you can chose 3 types of pizza sizes 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. With 7 inch for 2 person, 10 inch for 3 and 12 inch for 4 person.

So the next time you shop over at Servay Hypermarket, do drop by at their store and check out their pizza.

Location :  Infront of Penampang Servay Hypermarket Shoplot.
Opening Hour : 10 am - 10pm
Phone Number :  010 950 1880 for advance order and pick up in front of Servay Hypermarket
Serve no pork

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Hayden Chan


  1. Now I wonder if Tawau Servay has the pizza outlet...

  2. hmm. i believe kk is the first outlet. ;)

  3. Went to Servay today, but didn't realized there's a pizza outlet.

  4. haha it's located outside of servay hypermarket the roll of small stall shop