Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bro Code by Barney Stinson

After weeks of watching How I Meet Your Mother Drama series i finally get my hand on Barney Stinson legendary Bro code book from my friend.

I believe it is a great book and for those guys doesn't understand what is the meaning of bro code, you should get yourself one.

Over the centuries and probably since adam and eve was around, we have been wondering what is it like to be a bro and what are the codes we should follow. Should we date our good friend ex right after they broke up? is it fine for us to flirt with our bro's girlfriend?

If i were to define Bro Code it will be.

Definition of Bro code - it's a series of complicated yet logical by general bropulation.
Understand Bro Code will lead you to better brolationship and get you more chicks in no time.

Here is an example of article which i believe general bros should know.

Article 101

This article itself told all the bros around the world to remember to trust only to themself and that is why we are bros not chicks.

Taking secret into grave is what bros do and trust me there are tones of secret that i am going to take into grave when i die.

Article 49

Article 42 
Upon greeting another bro, a Bro can engage in high five, fist bump or Bro hug, but never a full embrace.

Meaning, never ever hug a guy with full embrace arm to behind. it will totally make you look like gay.

Article 1 - Bros Before ho's

The bond between two men is stronger and trust me among my bros we all obey the number 1 code. We believe that no one of us should go behind and date our exs or even just hangout with them. Unless you are willing to sacrifics your brolationship with others.

The books is filled with staggering 150 articles of bro code. and yet chicks come and  tell me it is hard to be chicks and easy to be bros. -.-

So this is how to be a bro. If you can't get all the general bro code into your life, then you can be half a bro  ;)


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