Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I Meet Your Mother American Drama Review

I might be too late to make a review of the drama but it is still worth writing a review for this particular drama because it is not only funny but it is also a drama with awesome comedy but! high in adult hidden jokes. Although it is full with comedy it also carry some of the most important message of life to us. If you would just be patient and watch from season 1 until season 5 you will realize there are actually a lot of our daily life are related to the problems that they are facing in the drama. 

In short, it is a drama about 5 good buddies spend their life together and go through high and low in all sort of condition and there were times they are torn apart due to serious conflict between the them.

Lily and Marshal are couple since college and they even got into a hardship of getting marry and trust me it's not some fancy fairytale like romantic wedding but it is a down to earth kind of romantic wedding at the end.

They are always lovey dovey through out the drama expect when lily tries to make her leap of faith for going over to a distant location. She is the master of mind manipulating and break up staggering 7 Ted's date before. This little chick cannot be mess with at all. 

Barney Stinson the legendary chicks hunter slash honker slash banger and some chicks even label him as bastard. Ever ready with catchy pick up lines and magic shows to pick up any girls in bar, he is the blonde hair man in the left. He created tones of codes, rudes and even the infamous Playbook that teach every guy in the universe on how to pick up girls.

One of this famous line was Legend.. wait for it. Dary!

One of my famous book was the Bro Code and it talks about hilarious yet realistic bro code. 
I have learn tones of pick up line from him! too bad i can only try on my girlfriend which find me becoming more and more annoying from day to day trying Barney Stinson's words. 

Barney had tones of suits collection and they treat them like individual. In each episode he will be in suits and he always shout Suits UP! to towards which can be very annoying yet funny some times.

Come to think of it, he even appear in suit pijamas once when they were having night gathering before. That was really funny and his theory was? to be ever ready 24 hours looking awesome waiting for chicks.

He even pray amazingly to Lord. Sigh he sure know how to crack jokes anywhere but i think he got a point. :X I hope He doesn't send him a thunder.

He own a blog just like me too! Just check him out at with all his ridiculous post about finding chicks to bang and how to pick up girls. He actually selling his 3 master piece in Amazon entitle The Bro Code, The Play Book, and The Bro Go On. Single guy you got to have it and guys if you don't want to mess your friendship up with your bro, just go get it.

Robin is a news caster and she dated Ted and Barney before. Seems complicated but there were once Barney broken the Bro code by going after Robin behind Ted after Ted and Robin broke up. The feeling sucks and it lead to break up in friendship.

she is the last girl you want to mess around with because she carry a handgun in her handbag. How awesome is there.

Ted Mosby the guy that is all about in the drama. The guy that tell the story of how he meet his mother in the drama.
Thou, it was kinda dreaful to wait for the right girl to appear from season 1 and season 6 but i realize this is life. Because in life we do not always get to meet the right one. We probably need to wait for years and date a couple girls before we meet the right one.

Nothing the less. His 2 minute dates with one of his girlfriend Stella was really romantic.

I wonder how can i pull the stunt of with her. Must be tough but nothing is impossible.

Some of the life lesson are to be found in the drama
Example: 'You can always find problem in decision but you cannot let them stop you'
'Everyone got some baggage, it's just part of life. but like anything else. it will be easier if someone give you a hand'.

Well since it is an American drama offcourse there are dirty hidden meaning jokes like.
What is the differences between Jam and Peanut butter or Saskatoon Totem Pole.
Just Google it and you will know. I don't think i should share it here.

I just finish season 5 and there are 2 more season to go and i can guaranty you it will make you laugh. Unless your English sense of humor is poor and yourenglishisterribleandyouhardlygetanyenglishjokesand that is your problem.

So who is up for awesome drama with some Barney douche pick up on ladies?

Shin Chan

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