Saturday, August 6, 2011

How To Make Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream

Everybody love ice cream. Have you ever dine in Sushi Tei and order their Green Tea ice cream before? it cost me about RM10 just to have one sad average size scoop, which is a rip off to me and any other people.

But! today i come with hopes for those Green Tea ice cream lover out there and please get your pen and paper or maybe just bookmark this post just in case you want to refer it back later.

Basically , Ice Cream are really easy to make and once you master the formula to all the mixture you can create your own flavor of ice cream.

Here is what you need for the ingredients.

2tablespoons of Green tea powder
2/3 granulated sugar.
3 egg yolks
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup heavy cream.

Ps: Personally i don't put sugar at all because the milk and the heavy cream itself is sweet already. 
At your first try maybe you want to skip the sugar and reduce the amount of sugar. 
Best try an error until you know what is the amount of sugar after you make the ice cream few times.

Mix the yolks with macha powder

Heat up the milk

Mix the green tea with milk

 whip the whip cream

Mix the green tea milk with whip cream

Always remember there are 3 main component in making ice cream.
First: Concentrated Flavor
Second: Milk
Third: Whip cream.

My personal steps
1. Macha powder + egg yolk
2. Heat up the milk but not to boil it.
3. Add the concentrated mixture of macha and egg yolk into the heated up milk
4. Whip the heavy cream
5. Mix it with the Milk that you just added with flavor.

That's it!And you are good to go! Let it be in the freezer and every 1.5 hours take it out and stir it to obtain smoother texture. I got my heavy cream milk from Giant supermarket, so it wouldn't be any problem for you to find it if you want to make ice cream. Macha powder i got it from bakery store. Freeze the ice cream and if you want a smoother texture, just stir it every 2 hours while it is freezing.

There you go your weekend homemade green tea ice cream. Estimated cost is around RM23 and you can make around 1 liter of ice cream or slightly less.
Imagine with rm23 what can you get from Japanese restaurant? 2.3 scoop of green tea ice cream? like what? 250ml of ice cream? Rip off.

Enjoy it! and let me know how is your ice cream. ;)

Hayden chan


  1. Simple steps, i will try it! I tried to make a banana ice cream before... but there's no banana taste... lol

  2. Wow, that looks pretty yummy! :) I'm too lazy to make these, but i know a fried who will love this recipe. ^^

  3. wow!! nice nice!! i wana try to make one. :D Thanks for sharing.

  4. Applause. ;) Such hard to find a guy who knows how to make ice cream, and all the cost of making..hehee! i like. no jokes. ;)

    1. haha thank you eunice :) it's just a simple stuff la. :) any guy can learn it as long as they take the effort. thanks for the compliment!