Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is BMI an Accurate Indicator of Healthy Body?

BMI - also know as Body Mass Index. It is the most basic guideline for one to measure and determine whether he or she is healthy in the sense of underweight, just nice, overweight or in obsess range.

Understand your body so you will be able to aware of the potential health problem you might face is not something embarrassing. The embarrassing part will be you avoid all sort of health facts and stay ignorance about the danger of health problem and continue with unhealthy diet.

BMI chart

Let's go straight to the point, although this is just a general statistic that doctors and nutritionist have come out with, some times you might be fall under Overweight but as long as you got exercise and eat healthy everything will be fine.

Another big question is what determine the percentage of being underweight, healthy, overweight, obese, and extremely obese? Why were there a cut off point where 18 and below is underweight and 19 - 24 is healthy? You will be right if it is set by the WHO but the main reason is if you fall into the unhealthy range. the risk of getting diseases such as Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes and etc increase and the mortality rate decrease because chances of surviving is low. 

Different country has different BMI rate. there is not one chart for every country because all of us have different food habits and culture.

To those that fall into healthy weight don't jump into conclusion that you are healthy yet because personally i believe BMI is not an accurate indicator of body health. However the best indicator for body healthy status would be the blood test.

A blood test result shows alot of details on yourself. from Lipid profile of LDL, HDL, VLDL to macro nutrients in our body. It is a really good indicator of what is really happen in our body.

Annual blood check could actually keeps you from any health problem and guide your diet meal through out the years to come. Do a blood test now and stop complaining it is scary because by the time you notice there is some problem you would be too late. You could be healthy looking but only get diagnosis with certain types of health problem.

Eat and stay healthy

Hayden Chan


  1. ooo!! Lucky I'm in healthy level. :D
    Oh ya~ A blogger commented the Party Play post I've done. And saying Hi to you! ;)

  2. Nice post Hayden, you have display such a great BMI chart. According to my knowledge BMI is not accurate indicator to measure health condition, other factors also effect our health condition like blood pressure, diet, cholesterol level much more.Can fitness workouts effectively work to reduce weight lose?.

    1. thank you james for the read up! indeed BMI is no longer an accurate indicator to measure health condition. ;)