Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kingfisher River Night Photography

A good photography always make advance research before they make their way out to the woods or river in my condition to have night photography shooting session.
Basic stuff like is it a cloudy night, is the moon bright enough or is it a full moon and when is the best time to shoot night photography so you are able to capture the moon position in the photo are vital.

Miss one of this you might end up entire night without getting any good shoots.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Pictures above are taken around 8.30pm and the original view was very dark. Long exposure of the shutter allow more lights hence create amazing photo that look like evening or dawn look a like photos.

Location was along Kingfisher river.

Advises, remember to get yourself some mosquito repellent cream or something to keep them away please because you don't want to get fest by mosquitoes.
Touch light for the dark and also

Hayden Chan

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  1. i can see your gradual improvements in your photography.. proud of you brother.. love and kisses .. sis !