Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Maktab Nasional Nutrition and Health Talk

Just few weeks ago when i was wondering ' it would be great if i am able to give some talk'. and just like a box of wish drop from the sky, i got offer by Maktab Nasional Student Council to give talk to a group of Form 1 student on their Health and Nutrition week.

I didn't manage to get ready well because i was inform few days before the real talk. I was provided 45 minutes of talk and i manage to prepare up to 45 slides to keep the student alive.

Did i got nervous? Yes. i was a little nervous because i never do a real talk before and previously the crowd of people i spoken to are my coursemates and it is not scary compare to a group of curious and excited students that might scream anytime during the talk.

Anyway, i am a second year student studying Food Science and Nutrition in UMS and i was invited over to Maktab Nasional Secondary School to give talk about Balance and Healthy Diet and how to stay healthy and be healthy. It was just a general topic requested by the student board of council and it was just to spread the eat healthily awareness among younger generation.

First when i just started the group of students was noisy and couldn't pay much attention to me. So i had abit of crowd control by asking some question to them and i even brought 6 apples to my talk for anyone that answer my question correctly.

Trust me those apple really get the group of students attention and they seriously want to get some free apple for themself.

My talk included Food Pyramid, bad effect of unhealthy diet and also extra tips and advises to stay healthy.

The talk was slightly tough because i need to remind them again and again to raise their hand up instead of screaming and there are alot of funny moment when they tried to answer my question.

Some of the students are really curious and i can see the keen of learning in them. I remember i talk about cardiovascular or lactose intolerance and they will go like. 'Har? whats that! tell me more!'
They even got over excited when i told them i got a diabetic patient gruesome damage leg picture.
Too bad i didn't kept it in laptop and it is quite violent to show them all those dreadful pictures. 

Half way through the walk and i started to realize almost the entire group of students are raising their hand whenever i ask simple question like ' who love to eat KFC?, Who likes to drink cola?' At least they are responsive enough.

Now i understand that a presenter can actually spot different kinds of people in a group. For example, students that sit infront are really funny, keen in learning and wouldn't be shy to answer any question. Students on the far back are normally knowledgeable and they are slightly quiet during the presentation or maybe some of them trying to be funny by answering the presenter question with funny answer.

For example, i asked about what is the healthy foods for us during lunch. and for sure there will be a voice shouting. MCD! KFC! Well, they didn't get on my nerves because they remind me of myself when i was younger. -.- at least i know how does it felt to be the one standing infront.

Another funny thing was when the students got excited and they couldn't think of anyway of addressing me. They would scream out loud. Teacher! Teacher! I know! Oh i know!
It really polite but it makes me feel old!

I remember asking a naughty student trying to be funny in the group about what is your healthy choices for your daily meals.
His answer was, for breakfast i gonna have KFC!
So i question him back, how are you going to get KFC in the morning?
His answer was, Left over from last night la!
And the group laugh out loud and my face was like -.-
So i tried to persuade him with one apple and he become a smart good boy by telling me all the healthy meals that we should have in our daily meal.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Here is another Epic mistake i made. As i was concluding on my talk i gave them final advises on what we shouldn't be doing.
I talked about Do not smoke. and they nod their head with some agreement noise behind.
then as i was going down the list like do not eat fast food, do not do that do not do this.
All of the sudden, i came across the list. Do not drink. and the group of students immediately go silent wondering Why did i ask them don't drink? While drinking water is important in our daily life.

Oh gosh, on the spot only i remember, they are just 13 ! and they will not understand what is the meaning of Do Not Drink! D:
So i apologize and tell them, Do Not Drink Alcohol. :S

Silly mistake.

Thanks Jennifer, Mei Jun and Ivan for inviting me over. ;) It's really awesome to meet the form 1 group today.

Not bad for a 2nd year student right? I am looking forward to giving next talk again. Hopefully there will be more invitation coming in. Since most of the children are obsess and lack of healthy lifestyle. It was an awesome experience and fun too because i get to motivate students to eat healthily.

As i was going home, and passing through the canteen. I saw the group of students and they were waving at me and showing me their sandwiches telling me they are eating healthy food. I am glad. :)

Anyway, from today onward  i am going to start posting Health and Nutrition related post to spread the awareness among my readers too. Hoping you would get a better awareness too.

Hayden Chan


  1. Hahaha.. This reminds me when I was in high school, I being requested to give talk to all the teachers and students in Labuan, Sandakan, Tawau and most places around Sabah. That time I just around 17 -18 years old only.

    Anyway, did they pay you for the talk? =P

  2. AWESOME! keep up the good works!

  3. wahhhh,.. u look really pro ah! all the best! :D

  4. diana : haha woa! you are giving talk to when you were that young! awesome! yea they did pay me abit to give talk. ;)

    Joshua ho thanks joshua! something it's going to be all saints turn. LOL

    Henry : hahaha thanks! ;) i am just a newbie