Monday, August 22, 2011

Offline Blogshop | Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

I was surprise to see this store because it is a special shop where it combines multiple fashion online vendors all around Malaysia and group them up under one roof.  The first thing that sparks my curiosity was all the online blog shop links printed on each of the column, then i realized they really do sell various online shops stuffs.

It's a small store located in Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid and also Times Square. For more information you can check them out at facebook page

Over the years online shopping in Malaysia has been starting to pick up the trend while other countries have been doing it for ages and they even put up a competition between online store and offline store. I guess it is just a matter of time for Malaysia to enter the online industry.

From the first glance it's all about girly stuff and i believe 99% of online shop are actually for ladies. If you know any male online store let me know. Some times i do search shopping in ebay and amazon not for cloths but for other stuff bags, gym equipment, camera and some other guy stuff etc etc. but never once get it to my place because it is just too far and expensive shipping fee.

Back to offline blogshop. Girls should check it out because normally we don't know how does online things look like or feel like in real. So opening up this shop is really a great idea and provide good marketing status to all the online shops in it.

I got something from never heard of the brand before but they had cool buttons and t- shirts that portraits each individual character in our general life.

LEGEND! wait for it! DARY! Awesome Matchless supreme! I think i gonna wear this shirt to university every single day. :D

Like a periodic table, each of the numbers represent certain meaning. While i was really tempted to get 017 FL, fabulously late, i decided to go for 001LG, legendary.

Slim fit for guys, and baby slim for ladies.
It cost me RM45 and quality seem pretty good to me. * need to write back for updates on the shirt quality after first gentle wash of the shirt. If everything goes well, i'm going to get a few more t- shirts from them.

The next time you pass by asian avenue be sure to hang out over at Offline blogshop or maybe just visit their website and get to know what are the interesting stuffs before you drop by for real.

Hayden chan


  1. i went in once and the stuff are not really worth the price. Yes their nice, but too expensive for online shop stuff. Like the t-shirts. I wanted to get one too, but rm45 for a t-shirt is not really worth it. =/

  2. I have the Syok Sendiri shirt from Individium! :D

  3. Sherlyn:haha rm45 still okay to me but it brings meaning to me. i have no idea about the market price about the girls stuff haha i like their shirt design.

    Hey Poly! wear it when the sem starts! :D