Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Party Play Extension Opening

Congratulation Party Play!

I have been a fan of Party Play ever since i visited them for the first time and they really got me hook. Since then i have been constantly coming back to Party Play to try out different kinds of meals on the menu and they never stop surprising me.

They have extended their shop to next block of lot and now there wouldn't be any problem of full house anymore, at least for now. but i think their shop is going to be fill with more customer soon.

Mr Dominic
Got invited by Dominic for Party Play. A great man with great sense of humor. I think he got slightly chubbier compare to when i first meet him.

I'm not the only blogger and i bump into MeiTzeu was there too and we leave our signature on the front poster.


Lamb Chop with pasta

Chocolate Fountain

I love chocolate fountain. Forgive me for my gluttony but i had more than 20 sticks that night of fruits with melted chocolate on it. :S The main reason was each time i got back for another food, they will refill with more fruit sticks.

I hope i can a miniature chocolate fountain in my home next time.

Free flow awesome drinks. 

Mini Burger

Caesar salad

The event was great and there were awesome live band performance and live dance performance by Synergy studio.
With their extension there will be more coming up in their new menu too. You guys got to visit and try their food next time when you are around Lintas or many for Non-Sabahan this is the place you got to be when you visit Sabah.

Party Play Facebook Page 


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