Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Escapes

Each time when i head over to Sunway, the first thing i do if i'm over there during Saturday evening is to attend the service over at City Harvest Church. Well, last night i was at City harvest church again last night and they move to a new location of their church. I have heard overrated comment about how huge how large is the place and i told myself how huge can a church be? And the moment i step in it was enormous and gigantic and it was i believe 10 times even larger than the previous church! If you are interested to check out the church just head on over and there you will be able to find the address of the church.

No pictures were taken because i didn't had any camera along with me but i'm going to use words to describe the place.
The screen is roughly around 24 feet long and huge, with an estimated of near 600 capacity seats or more i believe. * correct me if i am wrong because i'm just glancing through that night.

Pastor Kevin Loo was there to give summon and one thing that we had in common is we are both Sabahan! and he is from Tawau. I'm always inspired by his word of God and some of the humor sense that he bring along during preaching session.

Here's a video for you to watch if you are curious how does the church look like. They label their church as Number3 due to the address location of it. It does sound like the movie, i'm number 4 in a way.

Although most of the seats on Saturday services are now empty but that night i got inspired. I couldn't be sure how to describe it but i believe each of the empty seats are actually meant for someone in future and they are on their way to the seat with God works of pulling strings. Just like how God reserve space for everyone of us in heaven. Hopefully the next time i drop by over at City Harvest, it will be full

Anyway, back to serious matter. Holiday seems to be forever and i will be doing my final vacation trip over to Taipei at the end of August.
Over the months, i had tones of sweet escapes around Malaysia but all of those have to come to an bitter pause soon.

Second year is starting soon and everything is going to be tough and i pray hard to bless me the wisdom and intelligent

I once worried over transition stages like Spm to Stpm or Stpm to University but trust me, those are just simple stuff because there are even larger things to worry about later in life. which i don't want to elaborate because i might end up going lengthy.
Cut it short, just enjoy every transition and face it with strength.

We all need miracle said Pastor Kevin and who doesn't need one.

Head down over to City Harvest today and be ready to be shower with God words.
P/s to Guys, there is alot of hot chicks over there.

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