Thursday, August 4, 2011

Transformer 2 vs Transformer 3 | Fox vs Rosie

I should have write this post a long time ago but i was having hard time finding short clips of Transformer Movie from Youtube.

Inspired by Kenny Sia on his few years back old blog post on 35 second on Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen.

He had answered why guys watch Transformer movie with his short clip of Transformer 2 in 35 second.

Few years later, come Transformer 3 but we all know that Megan the exotic Fox wouldn't be in there but instant they replace her with Rosie Huntington with hidden roses torn preparing to give another new reason for guys to watch Transformer 3 and after months of comments, praises and comparison given between Transformer 2 and 3. You can now finally be the judge to see who is hotter.

I guess we all agree Megan fox is hotter right?

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