Thursday, August 4, 2011

Videos from Penang, Genting Road Trips

I always hope someday in future i will be able to make good and awesome video like kevjumba or nigahiga but it is not easy because talking alone to the videocam require tones of creativity and not to forget the video editing skills.

But since there is nothing better to do in long hours of traveling, we got no choice but to film some stupid videos.

Maybe next year i will be getting myself a videocam and start making video everywhere i go. That way i don't need to make my finger tired typing post and thinking what to write. Anyway, the video below is edited in YoutubeEditor and filmed by my handphone Samsung Corby Pro

I don't have a dream of making Vlog in future, but i did set a goal for making Vlog next year. ;) Stop dreaming and set a date time for everything. Don't worry about you going to fail or success, leave that to the Big Man upabove to decide it.

Hayden Chan

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