Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream Shopping Mall 夢時代購物中心 | Kaoh Siung City

Dream Mall is the largest shopping complex in Taiwan and one of the top large-scale shopping centers in Asia. Located nearby the Kaohsiung Harbor, the Dream Mall was established by the Uni-President Group.

I didn't really get the outlook picture of the shopping mall because it was heavy rain and strong wind. I even had problem walking into the building when the bus let us down.

Anyway, it is a huge shopping mall with reasonable price and it is something like Midvalley. Not too pricey, not too branded. They have a few Japanese store such as Daiso.com and Muji.com inside the mall.

Daiso over there sell their stuff flat at 39 Taiwan Dollar which means it is around 3.9 MYR. I wonder why we have to pay RM5. Muji store is really nice and classic. I hope we have it soon in Malaysia.

Dream mall even have their own Ferris wheel on top of the roof and it is worth trying when the weather is good enough to get a better view around the city. 

Dream Mall Location

I didn't really shop around much but i did try something nice that day.
If you ever make it to this shopping mall, make sure you visit their Basement food stores level and try to pay attention which store got the most people lining up and you will never regret following the crowd.

My recommendation goes to this small store because that's the only stall i manage to try.

Spicy Curry Sausage with spread mayonnaise 
10/10! :D
Taiwan sausage is different than our Malaysian sausage. It is more meaty and juicy and makes you want to go for more. Not to say, it is pork. :D it is just 75 NTD only! 7.5MYR

Pork Warp Rice
Bath in BBQ sauce, the pork is warp around the rice and grilled fried. At first i thought i might choke on the amount of rice but to my surprise the pork is crispy and juicy and rice is sweet and the first bite just gave me the full satisfaction. Wish we had it at here. :(

"Another nice place to shop but the food is what you must try"

Stay tune for more awesome food!

Dream Mall Location

Hayden Chan


  1. so cool! the pork warp rice is tempting enough by looking at your photos :)

  2. wow :D the spicy curry sausage looks unique! cant be found in other shops?

  3. Kian fai: very very tempting! and juicy too!
    Fish: i'm not sure fish :/ but i believe any other street market have similar hotdog warp with other things too. :D
    thanks for the comment guys. :)