Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of The Longest Holiday

We all remember what happen 10 years ago today. It happen as if it was a movie and watching back those terrible scene is just heart wrecking. Tones of last massage and email were send to love one before they are gone. America,  you might be far but the entire world witnessed what happen on that day when terrorist strike. I couldn't imagine what and how has it been to go through in rebuilding and recovery over thousand of lose of love one. 
To the Heroes that scarifies for others and lose in action you are brave and noble. To the Children growing up without their parents you got to be strong and go on no matter what. 
May today be a remembrance of the brave one not the weak one and God bless America.

Back to my story. After a long holiday that felt like forever, it finally come to an end as tomorrow will be my 2nd year in university. It does feel unreal that i need to go back to university again but in the same time i felt excited to see new faces of our juniors. :D

For the past 5 months, life was pretty amazing and i have been traveling all around Malaysia and even to Taiwan. I even got the chance to represent my University to go for the Malaysia University Sports.

How many people can say i represent Sabah to KL? I guess just a hand full of people that include me.

New bond and friendship was form and forge. Half of the team is somewhere around Malaysia but the spirit live one for the rest of the life.

Traveling around comes with trying out different kinds of foods. I was lucky to get to try on the legendary Klang Bakut Teh and also Kajang Haji Samurai Sate.

A short review about two of the food was written to me and it didn't really hit my expectation. I guess they need to set back their quality again or maybe it is just not for me.

Beside food, few months ago when Gong Cha was launch in Malaysia for the first time. I get to try it at Midvalley with a blogger friend of mine Shannon Chow. Funny her, i was the one from KK to bring her to try Gong Cha out despite the fact she was the one staying in KL.

Few weeks later, i take another vacation flight to KL,Penang and Genting. Being at Penang really open up my eye what is good foods. Every street food or shop in Penang is worth trying because you will never know how does the food taste like.

Penang Gurney Hawker is filled with their local food. One of the food that i couldn't forget is the Chicken Skin. One try and my face turn pale and i felt like puking because i am not use to trying out fried chicken skin.

Along the street of Penang you might spot street foods which i had a random try on it.

Simple popiah and asam laksa which is one of the delicacy you got to try when you are in Penang.
Fried dishes such as Hokkien Mee, and Keow Teoh Mee are really cheap over at a street called Solok Moulmein. I couldn't even be sure if that is a famous street because i just drop in there randomly the day we leave Penang. 

Penang i will  be back!

Back in KL i finally get to try on the famous IKEA meatball and hotdog! it is so nice that i had 20 meat balls on one go that day. Really hope to try it someday again. :(

Genting short trip was nice and i haven been there since i was 9 years old. I can't even remember how is it over there but i did manage to step into the casino where plenty of youngest want to be when they hit 21. What is so special to be there when you are 21 by the way?

Strawberry from Gohtong Jaya Strawberry farm tasted sour and i guess it must be the way they cultivate their strawberries. But a combination of strawberry with melted chocolate fountain is equal to cloud 9. 

Few weeks after my vacation trip to East Malaysia i make my way to Taiwan which brings me to now. Even i couldn't believe my 5 months of holiday pass just like that. As for my next year trip i have some places i would love to be there again.

First would be KL, and follow by Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

If lord bless me i would love to make my way to New Delhi to try on the Original Butter chicken also known as murgh makhani  and other Indian Cuisine after watching Gordon Ramsay trying on it. I strongly believe that the Indian food we had in Malaysia couldn't compare with the one they have in New Delhi. 

Traveling and opening my eye to the world is all i wanted to do in my life. It's not a dream but it's a will and i'm fighting for it.  ;)

14 weeks of semester week. here i come!

Hayden Chan

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