Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市| Tai Chung

My first night market was Feng Jia Night Market. When Taiwan talk about night market it is not like the pasar malam in Malaysia where tone of stall everywhere and alot of satay smoke everywhere with dirty road.

In night market you can find tones of cheap clothes, accessories both for guys and ladies. Beside that food and drinks is everywhere to be found.

Too bad i had my dinner that night and couldn't stuff myself anymore. :( regretted it. So guys if you wanna try out their street foods, remember to skip your main course but try small portion of everything. Best is to share with a group of friends so you don't need to try the entire food to yourself.

Every night market is like heaven to girls because 90% of the shops are for ladies.

This is where Taiwanese youngest hangout at night

I believe this is a franchise because we have it too here in KK Wisma Shopping mall.

Roasted duck bread warp!

Awesome nice and cheap too!

They are always generous with taster and samples so don't be shy to grab some food or drinks to try on. 

Smelly Taufu

This is not for the weak heart people Smelly Taufu is strong! i can smell it one block away and when i put it in my mouth i cough and nearly vomit. :S Still can't believe i tried smelly taufu. 

Can't recall what it is but i know it is a type of fried egg shape bread.

Everyday bubble tea

My personal favorite goes to this long ice cream! Look similar to smooth and soft ice cream but in real it is slightly harder and more ice crystal in it. That's the reason it is able to stand up so tall. Not too sweet and very cheap too.

Too bad KK don't have it.

Check out the link that i prepare for you if you are planing to go TaiChung Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市 in future.

Feng Jia Night Market Location

"A place you must not miss out and tones of cheap sales around"

Hayden Chan


  1. wuah i see many good food :))) I lovee Taiwan's ye shi. So many shopping lots T___T

  2. haha you should visit taiwan someday! tones of great food that will make you drool. :D

  3. Is the egg shaped bread Kai Dan Zai?

  4. Lady G: i believe so! i can't remember the name thou. but i think you are right ;)